Imagenation-Photographic is the studio workspace of photographer and video artist,
Gerald Martins.

Gerald brings together a variety of life experiences combining commercial work with a fine art aesthetic to offer visuals both still and moving; inspired from comic strips, childhood stories, exotic travels, Bollywood and Hollywood movies, and the rich cultural and multi-ethnic heritage of his home country, India.

With his first series of images winning the top-most award of the Times of India’s JLT magazine – Amateur Photography contest in 2002; Gerald focused on turning his love for photographic visuals into a professional career.

In his quest for technical expertise, Gerald has assisted a number of photographers both in India and the USA – Jatin Kampani, Colston Julian, Tarun Vishwa, Bill Diodato and Monte Isom. He has also studied under a number of photographic stalwarts such as Gregory Heisler, Jack Reznicki, Richard Warren and Lois Greenfield.

Gerald received professional photographic education at the L.S. Raheja School of Art in India (2005) and the Hallmark Institute of Photography in the USA (2012). He graduated from the University of Mumbai – St. Andrews College in 2002 with a BA in Psychology and History.